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Other platforms?

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That's a little too deep for me for the given situation. :) I'm looking at being more practical than just thinking it would be cool if a game I made ran on a console. If the market you are trying to get into is fairly closed off and not indie friendly then it seems almost more stubborn then anything else to try really hard to get into that market when in fact there are the same size markets (if not bigger) already available and more open to enter.

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While this is absolutely true. If all you ever tell your self is that you can not accomplish something. You certainly will not.

Although a wise rule for the way we live and program, I would like to add that there is a point were you have to look realistically at things.

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Practical and realistic is fine if all you ever want to do is to be like all the others. I will not allow myself to plan for mediocrity.

Forgive my poor farmers foolishness dreams, your highness.


This topic can be closed.

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Forgive my poor farmers dreams, your highness.


I never thought that farmers dreamed to become practical and realistic.





This topic can be closed.


Problem is this topic was closed before he even started programming Leadwerks 3.

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If the market you are trying to get into is fairly closed off and not indie friendly


I don't know, but XBOX 360 have a huge list of game in the "independant" category, and believe me a lot is **** in graphics or too much basic games, ortoo much little.

For PS4 , OctoDad made with irrlicht engine, jus show this is possible if you have an original and cool game with good enougth graphics, they already sold it on other platforms before porting to PS4.


No need to try to make Skyrim as one lonewolf indie to go PS4.


Microsoft ,juts loosed lot of credibilty with their last super closed Xbox system, even Edge magazine show that lol laugh.png



So i don't think XBOX one to be good for indies ? we will see ?

X360, i don't know how to publish as indie ? what is required ? but seeing all **** and not so bad ones, should not be difficult ?

Windows Phone ? why not if there is enought people asking that for LE 3 (i smell some future kickstarter ?).


I would say to make your good super game and talk portability after, before you finish it, put it on some PC platform to sell it, advertise it, it will be lot of months or years laugh.png



@tounamentDan :

Medicrity as nothing to do with console porting a game; it just have to do with what game you can produce.

Even MineCraft is not medicrity at all, old 8 bit graphics, millions of people that like the gameplay, even consoles asking the porting.

I would say, show us a mega demo of a super game with LE3 you made on PC first laugh.png

(than we will discuss porting to consoles ...)




Console support for LE3 should be great.

The easy one seems PS4 it seems (opengl), like Octodad game ported to it ? or am i wrong ?

Xbox is DIrect X , it could be a mega amount of work to write LE3 that way perhaps ?

(Specially if coding is tied to OpenGl too much)

But again if it oculd be done by someone else, why not ?


It's not so easy to find the good balance, and perhaps LE3 would need lot more mobile and PC/Linux games before going consoles ? more editor tools and helpers to attract more 3D artists ?


But beware, Shiva engine example : it had lot of platforms, but never reall took off.

Not enought advertising ? not enought games perhaps also.

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