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Leadwerks Game Week Tournament

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I did start on two different projects, didn't finish either one, let that be a lesson. I must admit I had very little time this week.

Anyway I thought I would show a vid of my projects. First part is my second project, in theory you are a tank being chased by enemy tanks. You get pick-ups and both tanks can fire.

The second part is a defender type. Both are basic.


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@ Rick

I liked the basic idea and the level design, way too much specular though imo. Nice touch with the fire and the spell casting but really too little to give a real sense of playing a game although plenty of evidence of obvious underlying game mechanics. I had real problems with collision too, easily fell through the level in many places so not sure what was going on there. None of the crashes others have reported though. Great foundation for a simple RPG type game.


@ Aggror

This has all the feel of a real game, simple but nicely implemented. Impressive.

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@Pixel I played around with the spec a lot trying to get a good feel for it. To little and it just looked flat to much and you get what it is now. I guess I don't have much of an eye for what looks great when it comes to that. The collision is because I created the phys files from the models, and the models have no back faces or anything so I get the impress the physics shapes are very thin. I might have to set all of them to sweep collision or something. Will have to play around with it. Thanks for the feedback and trying the games!



So is it just Aggror and myself submitting then? smile.png

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Mostly my fault as I didn't give myself enough time over the weekend. Got a lot done but not enough to be playable. Still motivated to continue though as the concept developed into what I think would be a fun platformer/puzzle game. Here's a quick screenshot of where it stands now (literally, as the guy doesn't move yet, ha ha).



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@shadmar, use the right mouse button (frostball) to put out the fire, to activate getting the key. You can sort of see the key inside the fire but of course it's too hot to get without putting it out first! This is all done from the flowgraph which was really easy and nice to work with to get this effect.

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@YouGroove Yeah, I could show what I did. It's not that bad really. I used a couple of the scripts I posted in the asset store. Namely the Scene Loaded script, sound script, and particle starter script. I want to expand on this game more but my attention is turning back towards LCP 2.0 now that our level designer is back :).

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I know its late but here's a exe as well as the vid, with only a basic level, very little coding and none of the game play and/or map creation I wanted to add I did not think it was worth putting up.


I encourage people to join the next tournie, it does you a lot of motivation.

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Rick, are you using swept collision for your character controller? When the frame rate is smooth everything is fine but when it drops below 20 you tend to zoom around so fast you can pass right through the doors and walls etc. At about 30 FPS, I can slide half into the doors but then it slides backwards again.


Also I'm curious as to your timer based movement handling. At about 30 FPS you seem to move at twice the speed you do at 60...

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@mumbles I had swept on just the walls and not the player but I just tried on player also and I still go through walls. The movement of the player is the basic 1 or 0 * game speed * move speed variable.

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You shouldn't need swept collision on the walls because they don't move, thus they can't move too fast fast for accurate collision. You should only enable swept collision on bodies that can reach high velocities (If it can move further than its own length in a single step).


Swept collision should be enabled on as few bodies as possible because it really slows things down. Same goes for "autosleep" but I don't believe that functionality has been exposed to us...



Edit: Actually no, that's badly written.

Enabling swept collision on too many bodies severely degrades performance.

Disabling autosleep (if it's available) on too many bodies also severely degrades performance.

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I figured if both the player and everything else had swept enabled it would be "double" protection from going through :) I just tested with the room not having it and the player having swept enabled and I was still able to go through, but thanks for the tip. I'll remove it from all my walls and see how performance is.

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