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Leadwerks Game Tournament 2

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Rick and I want to officially announce Leadwerks Game Tournament 2 !




Leadwerks Game Tournament 2


Lasts 2 weeks

Start date 14 August

End Date 28 August

Theme: Elements



The winners:

At the end of the week we have a private poll that lasts 2/3 days.

The prizes are steam Gifts. We will contact you for the game(s) you want to have based on your prize amount. (We do
send money via bank accounts, paypal etc)


1st: $25,-







When you want to participate in this contest, make a post in this topic stating that you want to participate.



The rules:

Please try to inspire your project based on the theme ("Elements").

You need to be in possession of a Leadwerks 2 or 3 license.

You can choose the platform(s) you want.

You can choose whatever programming language you want.

You can make whatever you want: a game, demo, prototype, flythrough, walkthrough, model or shader as long as you use the Leadwerks engine 2 or 3 to demonstrate it.

It is not allowed to use an existing project/game for this tournament, you have to build it entirely from scratch.

You are allowed to use scripts/models/texture from the assets store or webshops as long as you credit the owner.

You can create whatever you want as long as it is made or placed with Leadwerks engine 2 or 3.

Your project will be placed in the asset store for free.




  • Rick
  • Aggror
  • MyceKralid
  • Josk
  • Yougroove
  • Wayneg
  • Hisashimaru
  • Rastar
  • Arinthian
  • Aily
  • Daimour

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Any chance that those that have implemented other physics engines into any version of Leadwerks and in whatever language share some code? My customers LOVE the cloth physics in PhysX... They don't want guns and bombs :)



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After learning LUA scripting all night, I won't produce quality 3D art or great gameplay, but...


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I would love to but I code horribly slow and I already have a few projects on my plate, including trying to flesh out the previous competition's entry.

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It's tournament for fun.

You don't need to code a lot, you can re use all code from tutorials, and it's not making an amazing game, just try ot make something within the free time you can find during 2 weeks.

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I don't mind if you announce it early.


I am now off work for 4 days in a row, then only 1 day off in the next 2 weeks so perfect time to make a start smile.png

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@YouGroove Because you aren't technically supposed to start until the 14th. :)

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lol, what is the problem ?

Rick your adventure dungeon game , really inspired me, i'm planning to make same style in LE3 , but action oriented, and simple keys doors like Doom or Hexen.

Knowing the theme , will make me decide if i put more or less time in next tournament : so tiny game or small game.

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@yougroove: It is impossible to find a date that is suitable for everyone. There will always be a person who is not be able to join if we keep moving the start date. That is why we held a poll to see what the majority wanted as a start date.

As a result of the poll we picked the 14th of august, which is still the start date. 2 days before the start date the theme will be announced. (which is randomly generated. Rick and I don't know the theme yet either)


@xtreampb: have fun on vacation.

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