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Collision types

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From beginning of LE3 i seen some collision types and choosen default ones, but why having that collisions if we don't know how this works ?


The documentation says :

  • static const int None
  • static const int Collide
  • static const int Prop
  • static const int Scene
  • static const int Character
  • static const int Trigger
  • static const int Debris


Could we have explanations on the docs saying on how Collide, Trigger and Debris work ?

There is nothing explaining that, and no info bulles on the editor also.

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Thanks :)


But the doc and example is too much simple.

It just creates objects and just shwo their type.

This is nothing that explains all different type of collision.


I'll have to dig if i can find how to detect collision between these objects.

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If you look at the docs (User Guide) it says


Collision type


This is the object's collision type. Collision types control what kinds of objects collide with one another. The following collisions will be recognized:

  • Character : Character
  • Character : Prop
  • Character : Scene
  • Character : Trigger (detection only, no physical reaction)
  • Prop : Prop
  • Prop : Scene
  • Prop : Debris
  • Debris : Scene

So by using setCollisionType you're telling what kind your entity is, and these rules define if a collision will be registered when your entity intersects with another object.

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