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Math : AABB

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The AABB class defines an axis-aligned bounding box.


What means axis-aligned ? alignes to axis world or aligned to local axis of the box ?

I mean if the box rotates, so the axis of the bouding box AABB will rotate also ?



Same for :





This function performs an intersection test between two AABBs.


This means detects perfect collision even if the boxes are rotating in space ?

And what is overlap parameter function ?

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Axis aligned means they won't rotate, which makes things faster to calculate.

Normally they are aligned wo the world axis, but who knows what Josh implemented.

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It's useless; anyone can program non object aligned collision.

I used another engine having box axis object collision.


Our own solution is physic system with LE3 , what is lacking is : EnterCollison, ExitCollision functions.


Actually it is possible to know when two boxes physically collides ?

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This isn't useless - AABB intersection is an inexpensive check because the geometry is simple and no transformations have to be done. If it fails, the objects won't collide and you're done. If it succeeds you can continue doing (more expensive) checks using tighter, object-aligned volumes.


I haven't used it, but looking at the docs I would guess that Entity::CollisionHook will let you know when two objects collide physically and react to that.

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