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My Game Project

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Hello everyone, i thought it would be the time to share some technical information about my WIP commercial game that i am currently making alone and for PC with LE2 (yes LE2 still alive) engine version.


The game concept is a survival game between DayZ ans STALKER, the special thing about the game is that the world is proceduraly generated with great amount of details and a good logic. The world can be as big as the whole united states for example because it is divided by zones. each time the player go into a zone border another one will be generated and so on. You are only limited by the size of your hard drive to store the zone save data.


The game engine that i made contain quite a lot of features. Here is some aspects of it that were added to the base of LE2 (a lot of feature replace the LE2 ones):




- Every base LE2 graphic features are in the engine.

- Improved SSAO.

- Improved Bloom.

- Cone step mapping.

- Bokeh Depth Of Field.

- Grass improved shading.

- Anaglyph 3D rendering.

- Details textures improved.

- Complete GUI system (windows, sliders, radioboxes, progressbars...)




- New vegetation layers system.

- Ability to dynamicaly add or remove vegetation layers. (Trees can be cutted with this)

- Dynamic terrain holes creation.

- New grass rendering system.

- Fast terrain relief generation system based on perlin noises algorithms.




- PhysX 3.3 engine support added for static meshes, dynamic meshes, terrain, vegetation layers.

- PhysX 3 fluids and particles support. (WIP)

- Base raycasting system replaced by PhysX 3.

- Physics bodies scaling support programmed.

- PhysX joints support (fixed, hinge, ball, 6DOF)...




- New audio system made.

- Multithreaded sound engine and steaming support.

- Speed of sound simulated.

- Dynamic reverb effects according to where the player is.

- Doppler effect support.

- Other effects (Echo, distortion...)




- New input system.

- Support a large variety of hardware.

- Gamepad support.


AI Navigation:


- Complete integration of recast navmesh system.

- Dynamic obstacles support.

- AI steering system.




- Daycycle support with accurate simulation of sun and moon position (based on real world calculations)

- Moon cycles support.

- Realtime dynamic weather.

- Wind simulated for vegetation movement.

- Objects are 100% driven by physics (Doors can be rotated progressively like the amnesia game system, object can be grabbed, trowed...)

- And a lot more...


I will post more informations as the development continue.

You can see some images here:






Thanks !

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Holy ****, that is a massive list of improvements and features. My respect for sticking so long with a large project. How long have you been working on this? Must have cost you an enormous amount of time. It is very impressive to see this list.


And it looks great of course. Looking forward to the video and a development blog as well.

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Thanks Aggror even if im not very active on the forum lately i still check everything and i like the way you contribute to the community life here !


Ive been working on the project since 2 years now, but i had one or even two jobs at the same time during one year so i could not work as much as i wanted. But now since one year i work on full time on it.

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Thanks everyone, i have completely forgot to tell you about the realtime dynamic weather feature, so i added it to the features list.


Please note that i will post a private video for you guys here in less than two hours showing the weather in action with a simple walking in forest under a very wild thunder.

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Here you are ! Please note that the video quality is quite bad, the game looks much better than this. And for the video i have increased the frequency of thunder quite a bit (wild thunder there !) The rain is not ready yet wink.png


Thunder strikes are localized in the world, and the sound propagation is simulated so you can know if the thunder is close to you.


Like always everything you see is proceduraly generated.



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Thanks everyone. Here is 4 new screenshots for you. I had added other bushes in the procedural generation pipeline and some other objects like wood boles, i have also improved the grass rendering. Some gameplay features have been added too, but that will be showed in the next video ;)









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I have just finished the basic integration of my new ballistic system for weapons, ballistic simulation is now quite complex and realistic, it take in account:

- Bullet mass
- Bullet diameter
- Bullet Velocity at weapon muzzle
- Air resistance

Additionnal feature are supported like a penetration system according to differents surface type (concrete, wood...), the penetration system still WIP, the recoil system still in WIP too, that's why the bullet is not deviated yet when it penetrate a surface. And bullet interaction with PhysX 3 is done.

NPC's will be done soon !

Important: the video is captured in debug mode so no fancy graphics here smile.png
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very impressive job, so curious how much difficult is integrating PhysX3 in Le2 ?

can we hope you share some day the process you did ?

How far are you from the "when it's done" thing about your game ?

anyway so much good work landed here !


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