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[LE2.5] RotateEntity doesn't work ?

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Hey guys I have a problem in my gamecode but I don't even know why.I placed a pivot ( a cube) to the head of a character and fixed it with entityparent.Now I position in the Update function the camera to this cube pivot with positionentity which works perfect but the rotateentity function don't work.When I try to give the camera the same rotation as the pivot it doesn't rotate...

For tests I also fixed the camera to the pivot with entityparent which works fine but without the camera doesn't roate... I don't know why maybe somebody can help me :)





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Look the idea is to set a pivot to the head of the character with entityparent which moves and rotates with the head animation while idle/walk.... but I want to adjust the percentage of rotation the camera moves so I position the camera to the pivots position and rotate each axis but multiply it with my percentage value. That is because some animations are very strong in the X or Y axis so I want to adjust it.

I could skip the pivot and take the rotation of the head bone itself but it gives me very bad values, with global parameter 1 or 0 it makes no difference....

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