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FPS in retro look

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Lot of people go fps style, and some just choose non realistic style.

Simple textures and simple retro style game is a good way to do a game using less 3D art and textures,specially for non programmers.

And you have more freedom than having to stay realistic in terms of world design.


Strange anyone choosed that way using LE engine, perhaps some next mini contest ?


Here is some cool examples :


3089 game





Retro blazer



Paranautical activity :



Tower of guns , the cartoon texture are just great (Borderlands like)



There are many others these ones are just examples.

The common point is fresh design and ideas, and sometimes simple but enjoyable gameplay :)

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I was short on time and on my mobile ... since there is so much info out there i guess you don't get what i mean.


Its not "fresh design and ideas" ...

its an form of art - initially from very talented programmers/game designers which "simply" code a remake of some famous game.


I miss your capability to be aware of other peoples point-of-view - work on your background knowledge and stop being just a sheep.

Makes your posts less painful to read too (in case that's not your sole intention).



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@Andy :

i would prefer 8 bit music or more rocky one than this , but good game with good gameplay like bullets dodge is possible.

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