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My old WIP project.


I don't know if I will ever finish this game. smile.png



It's one year old video. But game have not being made better since that time.


The level entirely consists of cubes and generate itself randomly. Cube models was made by Aily.

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I like the shader on models.

The grappling is displayed on menu, you should post some gameplay of it.

Some ideas : perhaps more models cube to add more variation, some colors also , some traps, some jumping phases.


You should continue this game as it is promising smile.png

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For performance perhaps :

- Deactivate shadow and shader for distant cubes (distance adjustable by player for his config)

- Limitate view range (adjsutable)

- some three LOD steps for cubes (polygons ,texture and shader differents in each LOD, perhaps no shader in the far LOD)

- Clever culling system to not draw/display hidden cubes by others ( some optimized raycast ) ?

- Don't know if the game have multiple AI running in one level, but alos only run nearest AI


Or keep it as you done, smaller levels but that keep interesting and fun.

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Are you now working on it again, or plan to?

No. Project is on hold.


Looks very interesting, I would definitely like to see more, specially the use of enter and mouse3 keys smile.png


Here is more complete video.


And early demo. Only for Leadwerks community.


You will need powerful hardware for this demo. And try to start from small sizes of level. Huge level may be too slow.

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  • 5 months later...

I know others were saying gr8 things about your project, ...


All I can say gr8 job on graphics and so on, I think all you can do with this is sell to someone with knowledge on gameplay.

I know it's not finished but creating a good game play has shown it's particulary hard to make today in modern world but it was easy to create back than.


it was impossible to make gr8 graphics back than but all they were focusing on was gameplay.


So either you sell what you did or spend at least 20X more on gameplay than you did on graphic design.


I'm sorry to say this harsh words but since Unreal Tournament (99) there wasn't 1 game worth my money.

I don't care much about graphics and I think around 50% people doesn't much but when you start playing if it's good game play mind get's used to graphics and you complettely forget it's good graphics.


while today modern games all they can show is graphics and that's what mind is only focusing on entire game as there's no game play.


seeing my project might sick in graphics but has kinda ok game play and it's getting better.

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