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Hello Leadwerks

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Hello together,


I am new here in the Leadwerks forum and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alex, I am 25 years old and I am from Germany. I started with game development in 2000 and I worked a long time with the 3D Game Studio from Conitec, but my biggest wish was always to develop computer games for Linux in Linux. smile.png So I tested the Blender game engine in the version 2.4x but it was not what I had imagined. sad.png


In 2011 I started with Unity and at the beginning everything was great, but a few years later I don’t like the way Unity goes. huh.png I am a little idealist and I like open source software and I like to support small companies without millions of dollar budget. smile.png


On my research I found Leadwerks and the coming Version 3.1 with complete Linux support. I tested the current trail version for Windows and liked it very much! wub.png I wish I had found Leadwerks earlier and could have supported the Kickstarter campaign.


Sorry for my poor grammar, but unfortunately I don’t need English in my daily routine and my last English lesson is a long time ago. tongue.png

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I can remember using 3D game studio many many years ago, Can't believe it's still around! If you didn't mention anything about your English, no one would have known!

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I can agree to furbolg.

(I like to stay in English so most people can understand me at least a bit.)


Nice to see that leadwerks is used by so many Germans.

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