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impossible behavior

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Beside the driver issue with 2.5x I had a very strange behavior lately.


I created a portal mirror ( like the q3a one ) - I create a camera on surface ( its a plane ) which is looking from a orgin towards a target ( works as mirror and portal cam ).


I need to switch main camera with a portal camera because of the listener ( which would be re positioned if I just would move it in framework )... plus I have a camera render buffer to paint the camera image on surface.


The buffer is local to object and created like CreateBuffer(..., 1+2+4) iirc.


I had no issues with that - I changed to only use color buffer.


Yesterday it failed because of that ... so, how can such ever happen ?


Please note - the issue is not that I messed up my code - the issue is that the engine doesn't realized the fact. Does structures be keept in memory even if the host gets "destroid" ? How to clean/overwrite memory ( and that is hilarious ) if such can possible be the case ?

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Hmmm, thinking about it it might be possible that I had the editor open in the background ( with its own Lua state ) and I might simply forgot to run stand alone ... getting a little paranoid. :D

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