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Flowgraph breaking connections

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First I would like to apologize that I write here. I don't own Leadwerks, yet, so I can't view Bugs section of the forum.


I just watched tutorial by Aggror about Flowgraph -

- and it's REALLY awesome feature but it strike me that it breaks connection at any change in the script.


For me it looks like serious problem for using it in a project bigger than testing level. Is it a bug? Or maybe it's already fixed and will be part of 3.1?

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Ah, thank you for reply smile.png

As I understand each Leadwerks version is updated with bugfixes regularly, good to know.


Also, thx for tutorials wink.png they are really helpful and well made.

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There's no harm in repeating and emphasizing that. Aggror's tutorials are really really awesome!! They've definitely helped me out repeatedly.

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Sorry the demo has that bug, but we are so close to 3.1 that it won't be fixed in the 3.0 demo.

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