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Prefab: Water shader for Leadwerks 3.1 Steam Ed. 1.00

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  • Unzip file into your Projects root directory.
  • In Assets Tab : Navigate to Prefabs/Water, drag and drop into your scene
  • Adjust water level by selecting WaterMesh in Scene Tab and just move it in the viewport.
  • Click Run, use WASD to fly around, add a terrain or whatever smile.png

Config options

  • You can change skybox and reflection in Scene Tab (click Skybox).. look in script tab
  • You can set normal strength in Scene Tab (click Camera) look in script tab
  • You can change normal texture in Scene Tab (click Camera) look in script tab
  • You can change water color in Scene Tab (click watermesh) look in Apperance Tab, Diffuse


  • Water.lua has to be a script under Camara, everything else will result in lag since linking camera lags 1 frame behind.
  • skybox has to be a child of the camera or reflections will break
  • watermesh has to be a child under camera or you will have to change the Water.lua script.
  • delete Spectator from Scene Tab if you don't want to fly around.


Download from the Workshop here : http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/468-water-prefab-for-leadwerks-31-steam-ed/


Or here :

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