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Head bobbing problem


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Ive been trying to figure out why my headbobbing only really works when moving in a certain direction; east to west.

Heres a video of the problem. Notice that when I move in the direction of the crawler that it is working fine, but when I turn 90 degrees either way it stops working correctly.



here is my code

function Script:Headbob()
local bob = 0;
local jumpbob = 0
local speed = math.max(1,self.entity:GetVelocity():xz():Length())
if self.entity:GetAirborne() then speed = 0.1 end
self.swayspeed = Math:Curve(speed,self.swayspeed,10)
self.swayspeed = math.max(0.5,self.swayspeed)
self.amplitude = math.max(2,Math:Curve(speed,self.amplitude,20))
self.timeunits = self.timeunits + self.swayspeed*4*Time:GetSpeed()
local sway = math.sin(self.timeunits/120.0) * self.maxswayamplitude * self.amplitude
bob = (1-math.cos(self.timeunits/60.0)) * self.maxswayamplitude * 0.1 * self.amplitude
local campos = self.camera:GetPosition(true)

self.smoothedposition.x = campos.x
self.smoothedposition.y = Math:Curve(campos.y,self.smoothedposition.y,2)
self.smoothedposition.z = campos.z

self.camera:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition(true)+Vec3(sway*self.entity.scale.x,self.eyeheight + bob * 0.1,0))


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Change this:

self.camera:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition(true)+Vec3(sway*self.entity.scale.x,self.eyeheight + bob * 0.1,0))

To this:


self.camera:Translate(sway*self.entity.scale.x,self.eyeheight + bob * 0.1,0)


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan much?

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When you run or do something else, your character have animated armsame for jumping, climbing.

What you have to do at final is just attach weapon to the hands and put camera in front of head.

The camera will just do as same as player head.

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