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LUA and C++?

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C++ You program in C++ using Visual Studio from Microsoft.

You program in Lua using LE3 Lua editor or you could use any text software like Notepad, and other free Lua editors (just search on google)


I recommend that you read all the docs to have better understanding of workflow :





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The engine is build with the C++ programming language. You can make your game in either C++, Lua or both.

Currently there are 2 version of Leadwerks: normal and steam. The steam edition is Lua only while the normal version has Lua and C++.

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You program in C++ using Visual Studio from Microsoft.


With 3.1 compiling against gcc ( properly also clang as the two are more or less interchangable ) your free to use any old text editor or one of these fine IDEs;









No need to tie your self to an expensive MS product

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You use the express editions free of charge.


I didn't realize they changed their licensing terms to include commercial use, still not all expenses are measured in money ;)


ofc If you have no intentions of using your end product outside the whindows eco system I'm sure VSE is a workable solution.

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