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Models LOD, Lights per object ,shadow quality,mip mapping

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Having some 7lights, with anti aliasing at 2* , I got aorund 5-7 FPS and physics become uncontrolable.

(my laptop runs AAA games like Dungeon Siege 3 pretty good)


So for real games my solution is 2 lights maximum, minimum shadows use in LE3 actually.


Brute GPU calculation is nothing without clever techniques and optimisation.

A game engine is not a rendering engine only.



So why not bringing optimisation features needed :

- Texture Mip mapping on level objects

- Max light for shader per object parameter

- model LOD

- Shadow quality and Map resolution

- Shadow quality LOW/MED/GOOD possible for 3 distances parameters




LE3 relies a lot on heavy cost techniques could it be shadows or lights, or MSAA without no optimisation.

The most complex your game level and character is, all with shaders, lights, the more LE3 won't be able to handle the level.


LE3 is great, but without optomisations you will have to limit your game and graphics features.

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Same game , another engine.

Test i done i got 70 FPS with a directionnal light having smooth shadows and two directionnal lights.




I want same frame rate in LE3 , will it happen dry.png ?

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