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Oculus Rift Support?

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MilitaryG :

I use mainly pain table for everything laugh.png , moving to a menu ,selecting something etc ... is fast and not comparable to mouse.


VR is just to play mainly, some systems are coming, you hold a weapon and where you move it in space and point it , is wher it goes, you will do things you can't do wih a mouse : shoot anywhere , any direction around you in the game smile.png, where you point your weapon is where it will point in game, like direct shoot behind without looking behind or shoot in the sides while keeping runnning and looking forward.


I owned a WII , and i can say , it brought a bigger level of immersion than joystick or mouse to have some motion detection system for soem games like Red Steel 2 . It was far very from perfect indeed, but brought another sensation very different from static input systems.

VR can be good for FPS view styles, if you can play long enought without having a headhache or feeling tired laugh.png


I guess headache applies to the screen brightness.


I do get headache if the screen has too much brightness.

It was hard for me to find the LCD with possibility to set brightness as low as possible.

Many people can't read black on white on my screen but thing is I can see better in dark than most people.


So I guess getting the brightness on lower levels in VR screens would be the first part for saving the headaches.

As for me and my standarts I probably won't get 1 for gaming for at least 10 years, cuz most companies never listen to customers.


problem with screens is:

If you set brightness to 0 it should be black.

But once my dad bought me an LCD 19ˇ or something for birthday I lowered brightness and everything on 0 and my eyes still started to cry after looking 20 seconds.

I was covering my eyes with hands to adjust the settings - it was horrible.


But yes I do agree you probably won't use VR to develop but mouse or like you have:

pain table.

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Sony is coming with "Morpheus" project , all others will come, and PC will democratize it also.


lol I think Sony will most likely fail (in terms of sold units), as they already did with their current head-mounted display: http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/head-mounted-display/t/head-mounted-display


At least unless they completely change their point of view on the price, cause I doubt there's really a consumer user (but also an indie/hobby developer) who is willing to pay 1000£ or more for something like this, when Oculus costs less than half of it and is more supported by indie community.


By the way, I WANT the Oculus DK2, will see if I can get it in the next few months, I have already DK1 but DK2 with 1080p and above all positional tracking is very much better (besides the fact I read that sickness is now no more in DK2, or at least very few compared to DK1).

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