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Presence of bones prevents multiple materials

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I've been working on a simple animated model for my game in blender, and I've noticed

that when I import it into leadwerks, I cannot apply multiple materials onto it, like I can with non-animated models (deleting the bones and exporting confirms it), so I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered

this, and if there's any way I can work around it.


I'm using the beta branch of leadwerks 3.1 steam edition.


I have the fbx and blend file links of the model should you wish to poke around:




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Ahh, thanks very much!


I'll go ahead and make a post in the bug report section then, I usually avoid making bug reports because most of the times

the problems I come across are due to my own stupidity happy.png


Also, that UU3D looks handy, I'll have to buy a copy sometime.

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The problem was eventually figured out on another post in the bug report section.


basically, the model loader uses texture names to figure out what materials are on the model, but, since I didn't apply any textures to my model (figured it would be simpler if I did it that way, since I'm new to modeling - how wrong I was) it was all loading in thinking there was only a single material for the whole model.


by setting the different sections on my model in blender to different textures, everything from there went fine. smile.png

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