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Better organization within Scene tab


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When making a moderately detailed map its a pain to navigate through the scene tab to find something instead of searching around the map for it. It would be nice if the Scene tab automatically organized files into certain folders. All models go into the model folder, all CSG goes into the CSG folder, all entities go into entity folder, and all lighting goes into the lighting folder, ect. As well it would be nice for when you copy a csg, that it gives the newly copied csg a new number instead of having several "Box 8".


PS are we going to have a grouping system like in Hammer?

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Besides the lack of organizing possibilities in the Scene Tab there is another thing. If you select an object label and try to reposition up or down it will not reposition in a blank between lines. It goes into another line and becomes linked as the child. You then can not remove it and drop it in a blank area ever again. It can only be dropped in another parent or deleted. Or you could create and label a bunch of CSG boxes as your folders and hide them under your grid but that is pretty cumbersome. This may not be a problem for programmers but it may be for artists during level design. If there are ten cities in your level each city has it's own folder. Then subfolders. Etc.


It would be great to see in the Scene Tab a blank New Folder option. And the ability to freely move object labels up and down in the hierarchy without linking; unless that's the intent.



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