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Animated models shadows


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I have something similar on the converted DA game.


Idle animation doesn't animate shadow, but if character is moving it animates.

Does pointlight have some sort of movement tracking so shadows become static if entity isn't moving?

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Yes, you're right shadmar!!! As my scene is quite empty (it was just for learning animations), so nothing uses physics. As soon as I've put some boxes (in unstable position) shadows are working fine. As soon as everything is on floor and idle, shadows stop updating. I will try using a physic camera to force shadow update. Thanks!!!


edit: Ok I've tried it, but character physic doesn't update physics save if they collide. So I have to find a trick, or maybe Josh can add an option to enable/disable update shadows continuesly.

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Hello Josh. To see the shadow trouble, just put a floor, a point light and the crawler model with this script:




entpos = Vec3(0,0,0)



function Script:Draw()

-- move entity a bit for shadow updating

self.angle = self.angle + 1.0

if self.angle >= 360 then



entpos = self.entity:GetPosition()

entpos.x = entpos.x + Math:Sin(self.angle)/100

entpos.z = entpos.z + Math:Cos(self.angle)/100 + 0.001

self.entity:SetPosition(entpos.x , entpos.y , entpos.z)


local t = Time:GetCurrent()




... and a camera. As you can see, model is animating and moving, but not shadows.

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