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[Leadwerks 3 Indie Edition] Projectile collision

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Add this to your player script :


function Script:hitPlayer(healthDown)
       self.health = self.health - healthDown


And change this to your missile script :


function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed)

   local typeEnt = entity:GetKeyValue("type", "")
   if typeEnt == "player" then





Collision will work this way.

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I still don't think you understand the problem. The missile DOES collide with the player, and it DOES hurt the player, but only when the player is moving during the collision.

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I seen that.

In fact there is some bug with character physics as collision seems to occur only in your arm player model attached to the static character.


I would recommend that you do like FPS tutorial :

Have the static character import by code in it's script the animated arm and weapon as a prefab.

Than the prefab weapon script will play animations and manage all weapon related stuff.

(Yes must be a bug as character controller should collide with missile)




Even with Camera as external not as child, and i tried some other stuff it failed.

I really don't understand why collision don't work as all is fine, it seems that collision go hazardous.


You should post your project in Bug Reports and ask why collision don't work well.

(even with correct code it should work fine)

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Well, I found a way around this. I'm surprised I haven't thought of this before, but instead of testing for collisions I can just test if the player's distance to the missile is less than X amount of units. This effectively makes a sphere collision that works well.

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Sphere collision can be great.

But beware, you must keep physic collision for the missile for the environment, so this is more code you make because if you keep physic collision, it will always be enabled and should work with player without having to code some workaround.


That's very stange , as i use Physic collision for my game and it just works great without any bug, perhaps you have some specific problem with your models ? (would like to see something from your bug report)

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