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A Starter Kit or Starter Template

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Since I'm very new to Lua and to programming with an API in C++. huh.png


I think a starter kit or template kit would be nice for the beginners to this, who could see what does what, why it's needed, and how it works. This would give a base idea of a foundation for experimentation and development of their idea of a game.


As some of us may have a very hard time combining the various tutorials (or no tutorial on subject in lua) and getting the engine to run a single player experience like the start of Half-life, Menu screen, start game, no weapons, explore, then **** hits the fan then load new level, test new weapons, going through a breakable wall to the exit.


If the starter kit / starter template is a good idea I think it should contain the following example maps;

  • an example of creating and using a statemachine for main menu, an options menu that effects the game, and the game itself,
  • an example of level/map switching,
  • an example of weapon pickup and weapon switching, and have an example of two weapons, a melee (crowbar, knife etc) and a gun which displays it's ammo count when selected (to help in learning to display ammo count, HP, SP etc.),
  • An example of a breakable wall, or building collapse from breaking a support.
  • and a final example where all the examples are tied to gather.

All of these should be covered in both C++ and Lua langauges to help those who are new to programming in either of these languages and picked up the engine, since it looks to be better than some of the other engines out there. biggrin.png


Now, I will admit I'm aiming to make an RPG, but since the FPS genre is the easiest type of game to start from. It would be the best starting point to learn from.


And if people enjoy the starter kit, maybe a more advanced kits could be made to cover more advanced things like; creating or modifing the AI behavior (learn AI logic and processing), Character subtypes (learn inheritance), inventory systems, Advanced map features, ... Etc

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Yes all these things would be very usefull but Leadwerks is a small team an it might bemany monhs before any of them are implemented.

so unless you are prepared to wait ( and hope) then its best to follow existing examples. I don't use lua so I have not checked for example code but theres plenty for c++ written and videod by aggro.

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I just found this post. it is helpful in that it links to samples and tutorials of some of the items in the list. (some in Lua, others in c++)


And as one person once said "Patience is a Virtue."

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