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Confuzed with this forum orientation and trying to get the Editor on my machine, ...

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Ok firstly I came to this I was confuzed as I thought Editor was under Downloads section.

Later I've figured out it's in Store Section.


Than I've payed it after few conversations with the community here, I can say you can thank mostly Aggror and Evayr they kinda convinced me that customers are treated like kings here.


So OK I've bought Preorder 3.1 - now what?


- if I go to the store I see same thing again.

- I got no email notification

- I was searching the web and I saw there were some problems with Payment with PayPal


- I cannot find neighter Payment in review nor Payment completed

- I also have my Paypal ballance decreased and there everything says Completed, ...


also as said before in forums I know I won't be able to program in Leadwerks editor today and will have to wait till 3.1 is realeased but I'd like to know where to watch.


can someone help me navigate through this forum correctly please?

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When you're logged in, on the top right-hand side you can click on your name and go to Client Area to see your transactions. 3.1 is expected to be released this month, per the developer.

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hmmm, ... this is weird


in there says I have to pay for 2:

1. 1907

2. 1908


maybe because I reloaded the page because I had to deal with transfering my money from my bank to Paypal.


but bigger issue is:


I payed for item number 1411


or are those totally different numbers and that 1908 isn't item number??

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If you see 'Leadwerks 3.1 Pre-Order' in your client area under purchases I think you made everything right I accidently reloded the page too, then I played one time for it and I had a open purchase but it's expired now and everything seems fine, else if you don't have any purchases in your client area only josh can help you :P

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hm no I have them only in overview




well I have payed 1 and PayPal says it's item number 1411.


under purchase there's non of them

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I have a different number, might this number be for reference to help Leadwerks somehow if issue(s) arise?!?!


In any case, if it says you are pending for payment or software paid already then all is good. You will able to download the engine as soon as it is released. I would guess, keep checking for your payment to go from prending to "paid", the engine will be yours as soon as it is released.


Thanks Gamecreator, I was not aware of name>Client Area>Transaction

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