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I dont use blender because its a nightmare for me biggrin.png but for the lua stuff see Ricks fancy thread:



edit: ah ok you I see u dont own the engine, well in your case I just would read some basics. I never used lua before and learned it also with the engine but I have good coding experinces with other languages. lua programming in one sheet or in multiply scripts is a little bit different. lua is also not that hard to understand so just wait until you have the engine.


if you really want to learn some lua before you own LE read code. you have to read a lot of code later. if you understand simple scripts you can do some more advanced in your mind.

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@Cassius :

You just dind't found the good ones smile.png


@legobrainiac :

Simply brower LE3 tutorials section for complete Blender videos form beginning to advanced , i confirm very good.




( I really don't understand why in LE3 forum Steam very generic tutorials are in front page instead of older ones lot more usefull and valuable ? laugh.png )

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Blender is at times downrigth counter intuitive so to get any work done you need to build muscle memory, start here and just repeat until your fingers start moving on their own when you want to do something.




after that knock your self out by googleing videos and/or visiting the store http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/default_dvds.php


One very good dvd that's sadly now sold out is the "Low Poly Character Training" from cgcookie.com - you may be able to find it used, but supposedly it's available to citizens members so a 1 month membership may be the better deal. ( and no I aint selling my copy, I still use it as reference from time to time )

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Some useful info here guys. I am trying to bring Blender into my workflow. I am modelling some modular components for the design of a level in a game me and my team are working on. I find it easier to build structures in Blender (I am a 3D - Coat user and I find it quicker to build in Blender as topo is already there on your models). I am hoping to build the structures of the levels in Blender and then UV map in 3D - Coat and then use a mixture of Substance Painter and Mindtex for texturing.


Need to learn Blender first though and these links are a god send :D


Keep them coming guys!

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Just to let you guys know, if you really want to learn Blender and you got money to spend they have this 'Gooseberry Project' which is going to be a huge film project where developers all around the world will be joining in to make a feature film using Blender. If you pay something like $12 a month then you get access to the Blender Cloud which allows you to watch the developers work and have access to ALL of Blenders existing tutorials (you can even get your name in the film credits biggrin.png).


Anyway here is the link: http://cloud.blender.org/gooseberry/


For just $12 a month you get access to watching the films development, access to all of Blenders tutorials (that's worth $240 worth of tutorials tongue.png).


Not trying to sell this here guys but if your really interested in learning Blender then this seems the right place to be smile.png

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Not trying to sell this here guys but if your really interested in learning Blender then this seems the right place to be

Nope, for beginners there is beginner step by step tutorials on basics.

Their movie will use high polygon models and node shaders, hight quality non real time effects and particles and non real time physics, and all stuff you will never use in game making and models for real time engine. And i doubt they will cover Blender basics each time.

You should not re direct Blender beginners to such places sleep.png


It's mainly for 3D artists that want insight or download stuff, for film makers not for game makers at all.


Where is the stuff for real time here ?



Simply none, it's movie high quality effects, super high poly models, nothing for real time game to learn from.



If you want ot donate monthly , then good, otherwise for game makers i don't see the interest, not all people will give you freely 12$ per month like that. Specially when in game making we use only small parts of blender to finally export to FBX.


After Unity put decision of monthly subscription all other do same : UDK, Crysis .... and a Blender project laugh.png

If it was Leadwerks 3.1 i could understand , but a Blender project having funding of 0.5M Euros already and proposing subscription .... i hope Blender is not taking the money route.

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I dont think they are taking the money route. They are mainly looking for funding from the public to pay the developers/artists to make the film. I think the advantage people like us (game devs) have over the tutorials they offer is you can see the tools they use and how they navigate around Blender. The OP was asking for tutorials and the tutorials through this project are from professional users, they may be doing film/animation but you can still transfer that knowledge into game animation and modelling.


You can have all the tools in the world to create whatever you want but they are useless if you have no clue how to use them :)

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The OP was asking for tutorials and the tutorials through this project are from professional users, they may be doing film/animation but you can still transfer that knowledge into game animation and modelling.

You seem not understanding all game related and low poly tutorials are lot more suited for all beginners coming here and using Blender. The tutorials will be for movie making and high poly, movie effects etc ...

Better seek : Blender "house modeling" , "low poly characer modeling" in Youtube than go for movie related tutorials. But i understand if you have some common Buziness on that project to advertise it, but beginners is not the right people for movie related stuff.


Example :


Why paying when generous people makes complete good tutorials for you ? And more appropriate for game making no ?

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Yougroove. Much can be learned from that project. You see some games out there have what's called cut scenes. You will be able to use almost everything learned in the project. Game asset and movie asset creation are pretty much the same. For most assets, you create a very high poly model first. Then retopo the model down to the poly count needed. For games you will be able to use the bone rigging and animation from the project. Really the only thing that you won't be able to use for in game assets, is any tuts about cycles render. Cycles renders light completely different from anything else and any material generated in cycles will not be usable in a realtime engine. However you could still use that info for cut scenes.


I do agree that it will not be for beginners. I would go to cgcookie. Become a member for at least a month and down load everything you can. Then use project gooseberrie for advanced learning.

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