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Specular map on terrain

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Why not ?

How can we paint snow specular map on terrain ?


How can we have a terrain cover of water (specular effect) caus it is rainning ?

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substances tongue.png


terrain is really 80s here. dont know how to change shaders and why the solution is that way solved. for now I guess there is no chance to add specular when we dont can change shaders or add layers. (also one fact why I dont use terrain here because it feels like a terrainbeta)

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Yes, terrain lacks simply specular shader, this has nothing to do with substance from a shader point of view.

Terrain uses it's own fixed shaders, but adding some new one allowing specular i think this is easy, but i'm not shader coder at all.


It's a suggestion, i don't need it , but as i was toying with terrain, and wanting snow, i just seen we could not make specular like in games unsure.png

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In terrain.shader look for :


fragData1 = vec4(normal * 0.5 + 0.5, 0.0);		 //0.0 is specular power

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