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Physics Axis locking

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For 2.5d games, I want to be able to restrict physics rotation & movement to certain axes. It should be kind of like how Unity does it, where the physics tab has checkboxes for each axis you want to restrict. You can just use self.entity:SetPosition() to restrict the axis, but this causes the physics to be...slow. It's not lag, but the physics object itself moves in a very strange fashion. It gradually slows down until it hits a complete stop, and then it speeds back up again.

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This would be a real nice feature.


FYI if you use PhysicsSetPosition you don't get the lag you are talking about, however that function doesn't work on the character controller which is the kicker.

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This has been requested since LE2. Platformers are a very common genre and I really hope this can be implemented at one point.


But I will warn you that as someone who's tried and failed using even Box2D to do this, there are more challenges involved than you'd guess. One of them is jittering down ramps. This was done with LE2 but I don't think it's changed since.


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