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Best free tool to generate normal maps ?

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LE3 have normal map generation.


I would like ot od it outside when working on textures and have perhaps more options.


Does anyone uses or tested some good and free normal map tool ?

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@Guppy : thanks , it is free with complete controls and result is top.

EDIT : It's good for simple one texture work.

-working in a directory of textures as automated repeat task don't work

-each time you click open textures it goes to program directory

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Crazy bump is the best if you need lot of control.

I has specular map , displacement map, occlusion maps making, and super usefull features like remove shading from diffuse texture and others very useful.

But expensive indeed.

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Photoshop CC is great, I pay a tiny amount a month for it for however long I want and I have all the features. I recently downloaded that dDo and its amazing, very fun to work with. Effects that would take you hours to draw in by hand only take a few minutes.


Here is something I picked up not that long ago, only cost me a £10 and I've been using it a lot lately.




Very cheap software and the results are awesome. It's similar to B2M but for not even a fraction of the price :)

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