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Nvidia series confusion need some help finding the right one.

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what I'm after is OpenGL 4.0 +


here I get nothing.



here says 400 +



here says 9600 is Open GL 2.1



how would I find minimum graphic card with OpenGL 4.0?


I'm confused with the series they are making, ...


Also I'm confused with the all different producers, like:





I thought only Nvidia produces Nvidia Geforce graphic cards, ...


I need OpenGL 4.0 + for LeadWerks engine, ...

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The first site is simply a comparative section for buying among their models. You won't find info there for what your seek.


The second site is much more informative, as it's clearly says that support for GL4 was introduced with the Serie 400 of NVidia cards (Ex: GeForce GTX 460 IS GL 4)


So since serie 400, all the other cards that were introduced support this.


how would I find minimum graphic card with OpenGL 4.0?

By "minimum" you mean "cheapest"?


Check this one: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gt-620/specifications

I can find one at about $60 Can. here in Montreal. But if you really want to do something with Leadwerks, I would recommend getting something more powerful like a 640, 750, etc. The higher the number, the more graphic power the card has.


X20 in a serie (like in serie 400, 500, 600, 700 and now 800) mean basic use, X50 is middle range and X80+ is high end.


If you want to compare how much power a graphic card has over another I would recommend checking on GPUBOSS to with witch one is the most powerful.

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Thanks for info.


And actually my specialty is CPU and RAM.


I'm doing infinity games and I suck at graphics.

So floating balls is good enough for me.

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