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LE3 Barbarian or better character

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Well there is the crawler , but pretty basic and not good for hero prototype laugh.png


Why not proposing in LE3 package some character rigged and animated with standard movements less FPS.

Like : idle, walk, run,crouch, jump, basic attack

Some character to prototype non FPS games.

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Yep but free stuff has animations not usefull.

Well it's a suggestion to have better character fr game prototype for all new comers.

Not something i need personnaly, but i find it's missing in the package.

And LE3 demo is too much FPS, it could have in the package both : FPS demo and some basic TPS controller and TPS camera.

I would say like you can find in some others 3D Engines (yes i'm spamming perhaps but not my goal here laugh.png )


This perhaps not before LE3 grows lot more, then perhaps make it more complete in these areas.

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Well leadwerks never did do an official tps example but its not hard to convert a fps to tps. Just put a character in front of camera and fix its rotation . The things I miss are water, grass, tree distribution.

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To be honest: why would it be leadwerks responsibility to provide such models? Barbarian and crawler are there to demonstrate how animation works. If you want such a model with everything set up simply make it yourself or buy one.


Where would you draw the line as to what leadwerks needs to provide for its users? If that fps model was existing in the default sdk you would have made a request for a house or weapon model.

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Yes you are right.

I would just have liked to find in LE3 package some TPS character ready to prototype TPS or RPG games with more moves.Now from advert point, LE3 is lacking next gen characters showcase.

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I plan to redo my "player" character for my IRB project (open source RPG project), I could make a version for LE and provide the final model with .FBX files once it's done.


But I have lots of other things to care first, I've already took a note about this, and when I will have replaced my player I will make a version for LE.


Animation will be basic. Should be sufficient for most. If you need for example, a swimming animation, since I will provide the FBX you could create it in any editor and add it to the animations.


I've not checked the Asset we can have from LE, but surely some other have done something like this already.

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