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Non-buntu distros


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I know it's stated that Ubuntu is supported. I've been looking through the threads and it looks like the package for Linux is in distro neutral format. I'm interested in the engine but want to know if it comes in a .deb package or not.


If it helps I run Gentoo.

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A .deb package is being created for the Ubuntu Software Center, but will not be updated as frequently. We use a custom installer/updater that allows a rapid release schedule without making you re-download the entire package each time a file is updated.


Support for other distros will likely be a gradual thing as we gain experience on difference platforms. I know many people are presently using it on non-Ubuntu distros, but for the time being, the official scope of support is being limited to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (soon to be 14.04).


The practical implication for that right now is that bugs or problems specific to non-Ubuntu distros can't be investigated.

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I think at least taking bug reports from those other Linux Distributions may be useful. In all reality we all use a similar package base and bugs found in one distribution can often end up fixing things before users find them in other Distributions. Even if you are not officially supporting those distributions at this time it could still be of benefit. Unless the devs believe this would be information overload at this time.

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If you know well your operating environment it should be possible to run Leadwerks probably under most distributions. Gentoo is very flexible - you should be able to run Leadwerks one way or another. I'm an Arch user my self, but I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on another drive for running Leadwerks. I advice to do the same, Leadwerks and Linux games in general still require 32-bit libs to be available in system, I figured I'll need to install some 32-bit libs on Arch to get Leadwerks running so I preferred installed a 'sandbox' Ubuntu instead.


Nevertheless, I also would like to see more distributions supported in the future.

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I am just graduated AIPOD 2014 in December 20th with a B.A I now have time and free as a bird. Since this is about other linux distros, then yes I can confirm, wish I had photo server, to confirm that a suse appliance made from susestudio.com can run leadwerks or at least it starts with relative few adjustments to the os. Mostly only propriety nvidia if your on Nvidia card the hard way. You can't do it the easy way. I don't have amd though.


If you want help with your games, I can model and animate, in a nerdy way at least I think I can, if your projects need a helping hand. I do concept art too. Send me a message here on leadwerks for that.


I am trying to post in proper place too. This seems appropriate place. I've only posted forums less then a dozen times in my 15 years. Please move it if you like. I've only made one other similar post copied to some other thread here. Forums have lots of info and its hard to rummage through everything.

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Hi Thirsty Panther.

Thank you. That is very nice.

Since late 2014 I think. I purchased it when it came out on Ubuntu as a beta and it had a sale for $49.00. or so. I like those sales. I didn't even need a cd. Just bought it online and presto works with Steam! I did a tutorial for spawning, it worked great. The tutorial was accurate. I followed another to display a custom font when you play. Problems are that I am stuck between Unity3d and Leadwerks. Lol!

_ \* |* Happiest Grad! Its been a long journey?

\ 0 / /*

|| _

/ \ *

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