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Creating New Material or Script

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Hi lately when I try to create new Materials and/or Scripts the editor will instead open up a 'Rename Material/Script' window and the Material/Script in the 'Rename' window is always the last Material/Script I created.

To further the issue the New Material/Script I attempted to create was created but is not visible in the editor unless I exit and reopen the editor. I am using the indie edition (beta), Windows 7.

If more information is needed I can try to get screenshots later as it happens quite often.

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yes that is what I am experiencing.

When I try to create a new script and the Rename window pops up I have only clicked cancel so I am not sure what happens if I don't click cancel and actually rename the script. I don't know if that part matters but I will test it if I get the chance later.

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This bug may have been fixed as I have not seen it happen in a day or two.

If it reoccurs I will update this.



This bug is not fixed. It has happened to me 3 times today, just an update.

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