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Create Geometry at Runtime (In Lua)

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Is it possible to create geometry in a script at runtime?

I'm looking to convert a voxel engine (Minecraft terrain) I made in Unity3d to Leadwerks,

but I don't know what can and can't be done in Lua.

I need to be able to create a mesh using polygons (not just creating cubes).

Can this be done? and if so, how?

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I'm getting a script error with the surface:UpdateAABB(). I've also tried surface:Update() and surface:Update(true) but I get the error: "attempt to call method 'Update' (a nil value)'. and It doesn't update the colour of the model. Any ideas?

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You are right. The command is not exposed to Lua. Let me fix that tomorrow...if you switch to the beta branch on Steam you can get the update right away.

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