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Noob programmer question

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Ok, so just recently I upgraded my leadwerks to C++ and an idea occured to me. Once I get to learning the basics of C++ out of the way, how hard would it be to port an old opensource DOS game to the Leadwerks engine? My idea would be to make the game 3D. I don't have any specific games in mind for now, was just wondering.

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well DOS games are all 2D so entirely new graphics would have to be created to make the games 3D as your wanting. Other than that it would be like making a new game with the exception of the story and game play has already been planned and thought out for you. Make sure that if you do this and distribute it at all that you have proper licenses.

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I was mainly looking at the Free GNU license ones. Particulary ones that have been ported to other platforms. I want to make a remake of a game. I think a bunch DOS games back in the day have alot originality to them in terms compared to other games made today. I also plan to make the game free so I won't be profiting off it. It's just for fun so I can get a good knowledge of C++ by the time I'm finished with the project. I was hopeing that maybe by refrencing and studying the pre-existing code it might be easier to learn versus starting from scratch. Reason I ask is due to my poor programming knowledge.

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