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How make occlusion less greedy?

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Making a large mall level, not many brushes, but i'm running into issues with the occlusion simply being greedy. If you are looking in one direction and then turn to look at a wall 180 degrees behind you, it's has been culled and takes around .5 seconds to appear.


Is there a way to stop this behavior? I don't know if this is something to do with the lua version or not.


An scenario for why I need it changed: You are running through the mall being chased. You do a split second 180 to look behind you, to see where your pursuer is. The map behind you isn't there. The map renders from the farthest object from you, and comes closer to you, allowing you to see through all the walls and know where everything is.


This simply is unacceptable for a twitch based shooter, and I would assume it would be further exaggerated if the game was multiplayer. It gets progressively worse the more populated the world is.



Map to test with. Prerequisites: Fullscreen 1080p, vsync on (self.context:Sync(true))





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