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How I change the initial rotation of my ship?


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I found a free model I can play with of nice quality.

I have the following situation:




Like you can see the models initial rotation is wrong, it should be facing the direction of brush.

This code can fix the rotation for me:

ship->SetRotation(90,90,0, true);


But then I have issue with ship movement:


if(window->KeyDown(Key::A)) {
if(window->KeyDown(Key:)) {
if(window->KeyDown(Key::S)) {
if(window->KeyDown(Key::W)) {


Movement would be in the wrong then directions. I could also adjust this but obviously it's not the right way. I am aware you can rotate it in some 3D software like blender, but I'm trying to avoid it right now.


and generally what would be best practice for such cases?

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You could create a pivot entity, then call Entity::SetParent() to parent the ship to the pivot, and then call your commands on the pivot. That would basically fix the model's orientation to be the way you want.

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Thanks! This worked for me!


ship = Model::Load("Models/Ship/dark_fighter_6.mdl");
shipPivot = Pivot::Create();
ship->SetRotation(90,90,0, true);


if(window->KeyDown(Key::A)) {



There's some pattern to handle this in more global manner?

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I think rotate and move commands in the model editor, below scale, would come in really handy.


Rotate would rotate the model around its origin/anchor, whether that's at the bottom of the feet or middle of the model or wherever.

Move would move the model relative to the origin/anchor.

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