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How do i set a SkyBox in LeadWerks 3.1

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I could not figure out how to set a SkyBox in LeadWerks 3.1.


In LeadWerks 2 i could set this inside the Editor with a Property dialog and in the code there was a simple SetSkybox command as part of the framewerk which allowed to load the skybox.


Thanks in advance for your help

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Hello Aggror,


thanks for the quick response - but i am looking for an official solution.

I did not owned the version trough steam - and if i understand correctly this solution is for the steam version beta branch.

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Thanks - so if i understand correctly it is not supported, as it was in 2.5.


To be honest as i come from LeadWerks 2 i am really frustrated with 3.1 and ask why i have payed 298$ (199$ for the LE3.0 upgrade and 99$ for the LE3.1 upgrade) for having no skybox, no vegatation, no distant fog, no post effects like HDR, SSOA, GodRays, DOF ...


All this nice features already implemented in version 2 ...




This framework looks nice. Thanks for sharing it. But i still do not understand why all this features are missing.

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Yeah two steps back and one step forward is the way it goes .le 3.1 could do with an official demo showing terrain with skybox, water and all those other goodies

.le 3.0 was a downgrade compared to le 2.5, but time will tell.

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Well, unfortunately those effects aren't one on one compatible with 3.x otherwise they would have been implemented already. But that is what happens when you do a complete rewrite of the engine instead of expanding an existing engine.



All these features will be added eventually, priority lies with steam and linux atm.


The root node of any scene is used to attach all post processing effects. I haven't tested it yet, so I am not sure.



Vegetation painting is sheduled for 3.1 btw.

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