Leadwerks is the Most Effective Way to Teach Programming

Kids of all ages love games, and love building their own projects. Harnessing that creativity is the key to keeping students engaged as they learn technical skills. Leadwerks educational materials give students bite-sized bits of knowledge and show how programming concepts relate to the games they love to play, keeping them engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

Easy to Learn

Our implementation of Lua script eases beginners into coding one step at a time, with no previous experience required. It's so much fun to use your students might not even notice they're learning the fundamental concepts of programming. At the end of the lessons, students will have enough knowledge to bring their own ideas to life, either by teaming up for a group project or working alone.

Teach the Skills Employers Want

Once they are adept at coding in Lua, students can go to the next level with C++ and Leadwerks Game Engine: Professional Edition. One recent survey found that C++ is the most valuable software engineering skill graduates can possess in today's job market. In the game industry, 85% of job listings for programmers are seeking applicants with C++ experience. Fortunately, our lessons make this advanced language manageable and provide enough carrot to keep students going.

Tried and Tested Material

Our learning materials are based on years of usability testing and engagement analytics, with tens of thousands of users. There's no better way to keep students interested and make sure they learn the core concepts they need to succeed in their careers.

What Students are Saying

"I'm having a great time. I'm properly educating myself and am on the fifth lesson. So far, I cannot believe how easy this has been for me to pick up."
"Highly recommended for beginners, or anybody that has zero experience with game engines and zero experience with coding."
"I finished my study exam thanks to this engine."
"I expected to open the Leadwerks Engine and be immediately immersed in frustration. That was not the case. As I told the fine people at Leadwerks, I am not a developer nor am I involved in the scene in any way. It would seem that Leadwerks might change that."

Let's Get the Ball Rolling

Lua Lessons

Use our Lua lessons to introduce programming concepts.
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C++ Lessons

Use our C++ lessons to teach advanced programming.
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