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Leadwerks Game Launcher lets you play a variety of creative, experimental, and wacky mini-games made with Leadwerks Game Engine. Fly a spaceship through an asteroid field, play a round of golf, or ride a lawn mower while dodging killer cows. It's free and there's a constant supply of new things to try.
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Publish your game from Leadwerks Editor, then send a link to your friends to play without installers, plugins, or zip files. There's no waiting period, no approval process, and it's completely free to publish and play games.

Build Your Fanbase

When you publish to Leadwerks Game Launcher, your game will be available to all 100+ million Steam users. Start building a following early and gather helpful feedback from your players. You can even use analytics to get an aggregate view of player behavior.

Safe and Secure

Downloading games off the web can give your computer viruses and malware. Leadwerks Game Launcher uses sandboxed Lua code to make it safe and secure. You're free to try new indie games without putting your system at risk.

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