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Found 10 results

  1. When using the lua script to load a prefab made from csg's the collision does not load.
  2. Add the attached caulk prefab object to an empty map. Now move or rotate it. Letters will "slide" off the brush face. Texture lock is enabled. prefab.zip
  3. Turn off "snap to grid". Start drawing a CSG brush. Notice how the initial click snaps to grid however the sizing of brush rectangle does not snap. [Edit] $.2 The icon looks more like its supposed to show/hide grid rather than affect snapping. Speaking of which I find the visibility of the grid more disconcerting rather than snapping. looks more like snapping.
  4. Carving does not work with multiple objects. Essentially it's 1 to 1 operation. You create one box and carve another box with it. If you create 10 boxes and group them together and try to carve 1 box with it then individual brushes are treated separately thus resulting in mangled results.
  5. I found 3 texturing bugs. Two of them may be related as they deal with how textures are handled once an object is rotated. These all deal with CSG's 1. When copying and pasting prefabs it reverts to the original prefabs original texture 2. Texture lock doesn't work when rotating in perspective view when an object has children. If you start rotating an object while in in perspective view that has objects attached to it, the texture lock only works for the root object. BUT, if you then continue to rotate the object using the top,bottom,etc... views, the texture lock will work. 3. Unpredictable Behavior when manually typing rotations. Manually type in the rotation value and pray your uv still exists. Might be similar to this bug http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/10179-triangle-side-of-wedge-ignores-or-mangles-texture-mapping-settings/ Video is still uploading, will appear when done.
  6. As the title says, If you make a csg prefab and re-texture it using the drag and drop method it will appear correct in the editor. (NOTE: The warning about changing from and insanced prefab DOES NOT appear). If you change the texture through the appearance tab it will change the texture ingame and show the insance warning dialog
  7. Whenever I try to get the position of a CSG cyclinder, the game crashes. If I replace it with another object, it runs fine.
  8. For a project, I was working on one map (map1). Then i created another map within that same project and worked on that (map2). However, when I reloaded map1, the uv coordinates of surfaces that I changed (such as uv scale, and rotations from using the lock texture option) reverted back to what they were when the entities were originally created. This doesn't occur if I only work on map1 (even if I reload it from inside of Leadwerks).
  9. I just found that if you rotate a box csg, the shadow continues to use a backface culled version instead of updating it.
  10. The triangle side of the wedge csg does not respond properly to texture mapping settings. How to reproduce: 1. Make wedge, 2 Texture it. More Testing: Rotate Wedge 180 degrees, the texture is now uv-mapped backwards: Video of some the bugs:
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