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EvayrNet: Debugging functionality

Posted by Evayr, 29 March 2017 · 0 views
EvayrNet, C++, Networking
Hi! It has been a while. Here's an update on my networking library EvayrNet which is available for C++ users of Leadwerks:

While implementing it into the test project in Leadwerks, I saw that the use case had some flaws which made it really hard to debug what's going on. I figured that I should be spending some time on fixing some flaws. After...


Leadwerks and EvayrNet: Initial integration

Posted by Evayr, 28 February 2017 · 0 views

An interesting new project of mine. I've always wanted to become a network programmer and made many multiplayer games (like Ravage Online and SIEGE) because it really excites me to see it all work. For those games I used existing networking libraries like RakNet and ENet. Although, I found it was time to make...


Polishing games

Posted by Evayr, 12 May 2015 · 766 views

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Game polishing is one of the most important factors to grab someone's attention. It also makes the gameplay feel smoother and generally makes the game look more done. But how do we do it? Here are 5 ways to add polishing into your game:
Lerping is a term to make...


Goals, motivators and progression

Posted by Evayr, 14 April 2015 · 732 views
game development, goals and 2 more...
Felt like writing another blog... So here we go!

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Goals, motivators and progression are crucial in order to keep your player playing for a decent amount of time. Goals are usually represented with objectives or progression, engaging the player into the game and let them have a reason to keep...


Developing games

Posted by Evayr, 25 March 2015 · 683 views

Haven't written a blog before, but things have always come into my mind about certain subjects.. Figured I should finally start writing a blog.

This blog is mainly about my personal experience and advice on making games in general. Even though I've made some games like Ravage Online (RO) and the potential Grievous Grounds (GG); the games...

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