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TinyGom Racing New release and New demo

Posted by diedir, in Game 15 October 2016 · 230 views
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TinyGom Racing New release and New demo TinyGom Racing PC Game is available !

New demo : at:  tinygom.sdmg-studio.eu (register)

or if you have an account on indiedb.com :

lot of bugs corrected:
menu appearance now conform to what it should be
all sub-menus revisited
in game...


TinyGom Demo out !

Posted by diedir, in Game 10 May 2016 · 467 views

Hi community !

I just announce the availability of the demo of my game TinyGom Posted Image

You can download on my site http://tinygom.sdmg-studio.eu through the link provided in the email you receive after a short registration, excuse...


Playing with physics...

Posted by diedir, 23 March 2010 · 481 views

As i dig the engine, i am again stuck in a new place, need to find a way to place and activate joints,
make friction reacts as it should and make move some pieces on the running model...

some busy days for me.

Edit: added a video of my wip at vimeo


time to move myself

Posted by diedir, 14 February 2010 · 563 views

as i am an hobbyist, i am not under pressure to make anything but roaming around here for a year and always waiting for releases...
makes me uncomfortable towards efforts consented by josh since 2.3 release.
Really a great shot and as i played with the new toys, i understood that a lot of time is necessary for beginners like me before producing a single...