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Abandoned Town - Farm



    Abandoned Town - Farm

    Draft for a potential project later this year, after i've finished all my visualizations and game work, based around an abandoned town or city in the middle of nowhere.

    Very photo-realistic.
    Excellent quality! Colors and lights and shadows fit perfectly together. The dent on the right side window cover looks cool too :)
    Indeed. The lighting looks nice. Looking forward to see more.
    I still have to play with lighting to get such a realistic hard light. :)
    The photo realism gets better with every screenshot I see on werkspace. Very nice one Eye!! :D

    Pixel Perfect
    Mar 07 2010 09:39 PM
    Very nice Eye ... great use of textures!
    Wow!! Wimply amazing. I'm actually kind of scared for photo realism in the future. It'll be hard to tell what reality is :)
    Wow, amazing
    nice foto+)