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The Desolate Mountains



    The Desolate Mountains

    Created some new rock & mountain models for a game project, i'll start creating more random assets to make the terrain blend into itself soon.

    some of the rocks are like cheese :D (they got some holes)

    could you please show more pics with the mountains too ?
    seems like lava stone. really well done.
    some slight green/browsnish gras would add a lot to the scene.
    The game is based in a world with a warped reality so I wanted some of the stones to be porous to add a sense of oddity to the 'normal' world, though these stones can be quite normal around the sea (where I took the source photos). I'll take some more screenshots of the mountains soon, I still need to get the base done!

    Red Ocktober
    Apr 19 2010 08:09 PM
    i like it!!!

    it does look like an alien world... the lighting maybe...
    gives the scene a stark, otherworldly appearance...