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Hand + Mac-10 in-game



    Clap Clap i made a hand  :lol:

    Good job
    Thanks Jordan

    Its still a WIP , but i thought i best try and make one , so i can test out the weapons im doing.

    The texture is just from a picture of a sports/combat glove lol.

    Gimpy73  :blink:


    Clap Clap i made a hand :lol:

    can you clap with only one hand? :P
    I can Slap with one hand  <_<  lol

    Gimpy73  :blink:
    Yay! Looks awesome GIMPY73 :D
    Cheers Richard.

    I thought it would be best to make my own , rather then try and fit the gun into the hnds that come with the engine lol

    Gimpy73 :blink:
    Now you just need to flip one and voila! Akimbo Mac-10's! xD
    @ Richard

    Thats a job for you programmers lol , its to much for my tiny brain to take  :blink:

    Gimpy73  :blink:
    The lighting and models makes this very Fallout 3-ish, good job. :)
    Thanks Lazlo.

    The lighting is just bloom in the editor :)

    Gimpy73  :blink: