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All Weapons



    All weapons now in the engine  :D

    Rocket launcher and flamer thrower! :)
    @ Davaris

    I need to do a better set of hands/arms first , then animation

    Thats gona be fun lol

    Gimpy73 :blink:
    I am loving what I see from your talent, GIMPY73. Keep up the awesome work!
    If you turned those into animated packs with hands and scripts for the weapons, that was ready to drop into LWs, or something like Unity and just work, I'd be very, very, surprised if they didn't sell. All you'd need to do is team up with a coder to get the complete package working. Who was that guy who was working on weapons werks? He might be interested.
    Cheers Kevin and Davaris

    Yeah its Tyler who did the Weapon Werks.

    I don't think the animation / scripting is gona be to much of a problem , just abit of a slow task lol.

    If i can get one done to start with , then the rest should follow(i hope lol).

    Gimpy73  :blink:
    Methinks it needs some sort of long rifle to complement those... Might just be me though.
    Yeah Mumbles more will follow.

    Gimpy73  :blink:
    you should model a "zombie apocolypse" market stall for these! xD
    Very nice Gimp :)
    The index finger in the viewmodel looks a bit low poly though ;)

    PS: What do you use for making textures?
    @ Richard

    lol i like it .


    Yeah the hand is low poly at the mo , working on a better one then animation.

    I use Bodypaint (comes with Cinema 4D) for my textures , sometimes i'll tweak thhem in Paint.net.

    Gimpy73  :blink: