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Kattemaksu #2 : The log on server



Welcome to blog Number 2;


There is not a lot to discuss here, but I wanted to post an update(mostly so I can track myself. lol)


We are just about completed with the Log on server. This actually has nothing to do with LE on the server side. The SQL connection is good, and we are using an sql.lite file for the log on server info. We felt that this would secure it a little better than a standard .CFG or .TXT file for the server host.


We will be running a test tonight from a dedicated server to our clients.


The client will see the scene I posted in the gallery and the GUI for loging in to the server.


Hopefully by next week I will have a short video to add of the end product for login...


Then off to the world population.


Blog #1

Blog #3


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