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Finally back to Leadwerks programming



After a forced break from programming with Leadwerks Engine, due to Work and other not 3D related Projects, I have started yesterday to come back to my Leadwerks project.


As I'm continuing my project, I'm developing some extension for my own needs and if they are needed and good enough i will publish standalone addons here.


The first project will be somekind of Leadwerks2D. It will offer a richer 2D function set than the current one. eg: Rotation, scaling, origin handling and new primitives with advanced options. The first project with LE2d will be a small skinnable gui system with the goal to provide an easy and flexible ingame gui system. One feature will be that you can attach a "rendertarget" to the gui and eg have the gui on 3D Objects.


I will keep you informed on any News and post screens etc as soon as something showable is produced.

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Nice to have you back.


Render Target feature sounds like a fun feature to have.

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