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Prototype World Tour



I was able to spend a lot of time with the editor over the past couple of weeks. I was also able to get all of my art assets converted for use. Take a look below at a video tour of my prototype world.


This will (hopefully) be the world I use for my first finished game. It will be a re-imagined pacman clone, in 3D. Instead of ghosts, There will be skeletons. Instead of a pac-man, there will be a classy red-head with a sword. This game will be a sort of project milestone. I still have what I think is a great idea for a game, but working on this simple 3D game has been tremendously educational.


You may recognize some of the assets. The huts, walls, and rocks were downloaded right here for free from the Asset Store. Thanks to the community for providing those. All of the vegetation and the character came from Dexsoft. I have plans to use zaphos' skeleton model prominently.


First thing that really jumped out at me is that I have got to do some optimization. My CPU was struggling to do everything it was asked there. I'll need to go back and fully implement LOD models, and look at texture resolutions. (Any other suggestions?)


Hopefully, my next blog entry will be a gameplay demonstration.



FYI, I'm fairly disappointed in my video capture. The FPS is 60 when running alone and most of the distortions are caused by the capture.


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I noticed that most video capturing programs lower the FPS too much and still give horrible quality in video and audio, but then I tried CamStudio, and it was the only program which could record at high FPS and excellent audio quality. And it's of course free and open source too:

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Maybe you should record in a smaller window then, if you don't have a GTX570 or better. I got good FPS with my 8800GTS in a 800x450 window.

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