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Quick update - optimisations

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Last week I identified one issue relating to UserEntityData introduced with the last engine update which prevents consistent update of Enity data due to some change in the hierarchy and no documentation on what was changed.


So I'm faced with having to re-factor (meaning to changing code but same behaviour) core sensor code. It's the sort of thing that is utterly frustrating and makes one want to throw everything out of the window. It's not as if there aren't enough things to do.


There's 4 major issues I'm not happy with:



  • Flight Model bridge refinement
  • Ground dynamics
  • Horizon gapping and other asset problems (licences/legal, audio)
  • Events / Triggers

I know I can rush some of these things and end up with something I'm not happy with. And if I'm not happy with it I don't see why anyone else will be happy. The majority of potential customers don't follow this blog, they don't care about how much work or team sizes, finds and lack-of, how or why, and often they don't care about the word "beta". To do what's right in the long term means having to not cut corners and do what needs to be done.



Sucks though.



Who would have thought building a stand-alone study sim of the most advanced attach helicopter on the planet would be so difficult? What gives?




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