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Just the beginning

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I have had quite an incredible journey with games. I'll start from the start. I have always been facinated with games and how they worked. Not just the graphics, but how smoothly the game mechanics worked. And I started with my friend showing me a game called Garry's Mod.


Now I had played my way around a few games before, but none quite measured up like Garry's Mod.

And that was just when the custom content and weapons were being first made, and so I got on board with Lua. It was real simple at first, and then I got better, and quite popular on Then I got started with the source engine for real. At first it was just mapping, then it was modding.


I had gone incredibly far in a short while. I even won a mapping competition and won a game pack on steam.

Then, after that, I decided to make an indie game. And my first big decision was which engine. And i found a topic on about game engines. That is when I found leadwerks.


I downloaded the trial, and got on with some tutorials. I had no real idea about coding then, and so it seemed very foreign and new, but I charged on, began to overcome the errors and get on with it.


I have been constantly testing new ideas, and getting better each time at it. With my new found love of coding I am enjoying all of this much more.



It has been quite an incredible journey so far, but this is just the beginning...........



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"It has been quite an incredible journey so far, but this is just the beginning..........."


Same for me. Lets make some awesomesauce...

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